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Vitrice McMurry

Vitrice McMurryVitrice McMurry
Vitrice McMurry describes herself on her website:

"I am a New Orleans jewelry designer. My jewelry is voluptuous and modern, inspired by natural forms and architecture. All pieces are individually handmade in my studio near Bayou St. John in New Orleans. I employ silver, goldplate, karat golds, stones, and cloisonne enamelling. My inspiration is the verdant, tropical feel of the Crescent City, as well as urban Deco forms and Mayan hieroglyphs studied in travels in Central America.

I use a combination of cast and constructed techniques in my pieces. Utilizing roller-printing, vacuum-forming, applique, fold-forming, anticlastic raising and cloisonne enameling, I combine metals and feature a wide array of stones both in bezels and prong settings. I use a very contemporary mixture of textures and finishes to create depth and interest. All pieces are offered in silver, most in 18karat gold-plate. Any piece can be special-ordered in 14karat or 18karat gold, price upon request. All gold-plate is heavy 18karat electroplate, done industrially and guaranteed forever!

I am the only artist doing fine cloisonne enamelling in the New Orleans area.Cloisonne is a very meticulous process; 4-5 layers of powdered glass are applied within cloisonne or vertical walls of silver or gold. Each layer is fired in a 1400-degree oven, creating depth and luminosity. The resulting painting is then ground down and polished and then set in a design of silver and/or gold, accented with stones and pearls."

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